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From left, Steven Green, president of Butler AM Rotary; Lance Welliver, Butler Parks and Recreation Department director; Jordan Grady, Butler County Chamber of Commerce director; Greg Haughey; Bill Westerman; and Kevin Boozel, Butler County commissioner at Holly Shelter in Alameda Park.

Butler AM Rotary to honor first responders

Every president of the Butler AM Rotary Club picks one big project they want to accomplish. For Steven Green, who took over as club president in July, the project he chose is the Line of Duty Death Memorial.

The project, which Green estimates will take two years and $100,000 to complete, will rehab a pavilion in Alameda Park and build a memorial for Butler County's first responders.

“I just thought that something needed to be done to recognize not just the sacrifice of the first responders but their families as well,” Green said. “I don't think we do enough.”

Green explained that the pavilion will be open for use free-of-charge for first responders and their families, while the memorial will be made in honor of all of the county's first responders who have given their lives.

He estimated the cost for each will be around $50,000 and the club is planning on building the memorial first. Butler AM Rotary is hoping to begin the project in the spring, but needs to raise around $35,000 to get started.

Green said the idea for rehabbing the pavilion and building a memorial came from Butler County Commissioner Kevin Boozel, who volunteers for the Harrisville Volunteer Fire Company.

“He's the passion behind the project,” Green said.

The club's most recent large project was called Save the Playground at Butler Memorial Park and was completed in 2019.

The project, led by then-president Kenny Bonus, rehabbed a playground in Butler Memorial Park with new equipment and a new playground surface.

Outside of large projects, Green said the club continuously raises money for local charities, historically for vulnerable children, according to Green.

“AM Rotary is constantly — every week, every month — doing things,” Green said.

Following the new year, the club will put on one of its most popular events, the sixth annual Carved in Ice at Diamond Park.

Because of the pandemic, Green said the club is not sure what the event will look like next year, but he is confident they will be able to have it because it will be in a large, outdoor space.

The 'Carved in Ice' event is scheduled to take place on Friday, Feb. 19 and Saturday, Feb. 20. Friday will be 'Lights on Ice' and Saturday will be 'Family Fun Day'.

Anyone interested in helping the club can find current information on the club's website,, or on the club's FaceBook page, @ButlerAMRotary. Green said volunteers and new members are always welcome and people can go online and make a direct donation to either the club or a GoFundMe that the club is promoting.

“People trust that we get behind efforts that are beneficial to the community,” Green said.