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The Lake Arthur Regatta is one event that is promoted by the Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau.

'They're all here, and they spend money'

Tourism Bureau sells county

Countless events, businesses and places bring people from all over the world to Butler County.

The Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau's goal is to continue that trend.

The bureau uses its website, network and skilled staff to promote tourism-based business within the county.

Some of Butler's famous events, such as Bantam Heritage Jeep Fest, the Big Butler Fair and the Lake Arthur Regatta, among many others, all have had a boost from the bureau's promotions.

“It generates more monies for our businesses and brings people into our neighborhoods,” said Jack Cohen, executive director of the bureau. “When they come here, they use our hotels, restaurants and shops. They're all here and they spend money.”

The bureau uses its online presence to its advantage through its various social media accounts as well as its website,

On its website, people will find not only a calendar of events, but also suggestions on places to stay, activities to do and places to eat.

The website is also connected to the social media accounts of the various businesses, parks and other tourist attractions.

The site also includes information on some of the larger municipalities in the county, including Butler, Cranberry Township and Harmony, among others.

Cohen said his most recent data collected by the state showed that in 2018 the tourism industry contributed $600 million to the county's economy.

Cohen said he particularly takes joy in helping bring more people to the county to live as well as work and play.

“Before anyone moves here, they're a guest,” he said.

Cohen said all of the businesses in their industry rely on one another for traffic. The goal, he said, is to promote not only the major events but the atmosphere and the full package that comes with multiple businesses that complement each other.

Cohen said he is thankful for a staff that has helped the bureau reach new heights.

“They welcome people into the community every single day,” he said. “They're really good at what they do. I've never worked anywhere where I've had a better group of people.”