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No legitimate challenge


January 13, 2021 Letters to the Editor

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I read with interest the article about U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly defending his objection to the Pennsylvania election. I have a question to ask him about this and I am submitting this to you as Mr. Kelly no longer answers my questions.

Why Mr. Kelly, if this is such an issue with you, why as a resident of Butler you did not contact your state representative and senators when this bill was being discussed and when it was passed? Why did you wait till after an election that did not turn out the way you wanted, did you finally decide to say this bill is unconstitutional?

As a lawmaker, you should know the time to challenge a bill is before it is passed. So, since you did not comment on this when it was debated and passed, you have no legitimate challenge to a bill you could have questioned.

Glenn Koppel,


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