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James Bartley finishes an Adirondack chair at Adams Manufacturing.

Have a seat: Adams Manufacturing's Adirondack chairs are more popular than ever

Adirondack chairs always have been Adams Manufacturing's most popular item, but as people spend more time at home due to the pandemic, the Portersville-based company cannot produce the chairs fast enough to meet demand.

“We literally cannot make this furniture fast enough,” said Daniel Strainer, director of marketing for Adams Manufacturing.

“(During the pandemic) everything's shifted from vacations to stay-cations. Everyone's staying home, fixing up their backyard spaces.”

Strainer called the chair “iconic,” saying that people love its level of comfort and relative inexpensiveness.

“It has a reclining back and is low to the ground, a very relaxing kind of chair,” Strainer explained.

“The draw is the chairs have a high perceived value, but they're relatively inexpensive. You can make a backyard area still look very sophisticated, you don't need a $400 chair.”

Strainer said the chairs run for about $18 and come in 15 base colors.

They are available anywhere outdoor furniture is sold, according to Strainer.

From the main plant in Portersville, just off Route 422, the furniture is taken to warehouses in Ellwood City and New Castle.

From there, the chairs are shipped all over the United States.

The Adirondack chair was developed in 1903 by Thomas Lee.

While vacationing in the scenic Adirondack Mountains, Lee developed the high-backed, low-to-the-ground chair as a way to comfortably lounge and look out at the natural beauty of the mountain range.

Adams Manufacturing was founded in Portersville in 1976 by Bill Adams.

Adams started out by going door-to-door selling suction cups, but eventually expanded into folding and stackable furniture.

The Adirondack chair was introduced in 2004 and has been a hit ever since.

“Adams furniture is ubiquitous all over the country. You can't go anywhere without seeing some,” Strainer said.

“Adams is the largest outdoor resin furniture company in the country.”

Since the chairs' original production, Strainer said Adams Manufacturing has prided itself on innovation, improving the chair's lower back support and recently adding amenities such as holders for cups and smartphones.

Above all else, however, Strainer said the Adirondack chair is as popular as it is for one simple reason.

“They're comfortable,” Strainer said.

“If they weren't comfortable, we wouldn't have anything.”