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One Cabot Gun's latest guns, Dragon Fire, was designed to blend into the background of a painting to form a 3-dimensional work of art.

Worldwide Market: Cabot Guns crafts meticulously designed pistols

Long ago, guns began to shape the world, bringing power to conflict, but to one company in Cabot, the 1911 has become as much about style and statement as it has firepower.

The meticulously designed pistols built and sold by Cabot Guns have been sought across the country and the world for their high level of craftsmanship, according to Rob Bianchin, founder and CEO.

“Twenty-five percent of our business is outside the U.S.,” Bianchin said. “I'm kind of surprised by how far and wide our guns make it.”

Bianchin said the pistols made in Cabot have traveled all over, but some of the more popular countries are Italy, Turkey and Thailand. He said in Thailand, the 1911 is the gun of choice for the Royal Thai Society's shooting sporting events.

The company's custom guns also draw a lot of attention from higher echelons of society.

“We've done guns for foreign heads of state, and I've done guns for royalty,” Bianchin said. “We do a lot of one-of-a-kind work.”

The high-end guns also come with corresponding price tags ranging from $25,000 to $150,000, but the cost is tied closely with the materials, skill and overall quality of the gun. Every part is created from scratch, which makes them even more special, according to Bianchin.

“Without a doubt, the holy grail, we did a job called the big bang pistol,” Bianchin said.

In 2015, Bianchin and his team completed a pair of pistols that made headlines across the nation because they used a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite for the grips.

Recently, Cabot Guns has been working on another work of art, literally. One of the company's latest guns Dragon Fire was designed to blend into the background of a painting.

The gun uses engraving and metal crafting to give the artwork a 3D feel. The slide features the snout of a dragon with teeth protruding toward the end of the barrel.

Also featured on the slide, near the rear sight, is the eye of the beast emblazoned in gold. The other features of the gun, including the grip, show off the scale-like armor running down the dragon's neck.

“When you stand back, it forms into a painting with the pistol a part of it,” Bianchin said.

Bianchin said Cabot Guns likes to drive gunmaking into new territories, but it also owes much to its community and to American culture, which is part of the reason it specializes in the 1911.

“It's the most iconic and historic style of pistol in the country,” he said.

Bianchin said Cabot also provides the perfect unsuspecting backdrop for the company's headquarters. The company also has a manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Ind., but the designing occurs in Butler County.

Sometimes the designs need to be seen in person, especially for custom jobs, which has brought a lot of VIP to the village of Cabot.

“There's a post office and us,” Bianchin said. “I have people that will fly in here from all around the country.”

Bianchin said he usually shows visitors around the area, and then they visit his private showroom, which is housed in a former church. He said everything about his company is unique, including the place it calls home.

“They've always enjoyed the area, which is always part of the experience,” Bianchin said. “We like being here where we are, I think it's an important aspect of the Cabot brand and experience.”