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Jim Marburger, owner of Marburger Farm Dairy, oversees milking operations on the Evans City farm.

Milking It: Marburger Farm Dairy is in a class by itself

Marburger Farm Dairy is known all over as making the best buttermilk in the country.

In fact, in 2019, Marburger's gourmet buttermilk won the gold medal in cultured liquid products at the Los Angeles International Dairy Competition.

Marburger's buttermilk is sold all over the East Coast and as far west as New Mexico, according to Kelsey Walko, assistant of corporate sales.

What sets Marburger's buttermilk apart from all others is the vat pasteurization process that Marburguer uses.

“We still vat-pasteurize the milk,” Walko said. “It's an older process and takes more time.”

Walko said vat pasteurization uses gravity to pull the milk through tubes, whereas newer methods use pressure to force milk through.

“The reason people like it is because it's thick and creamy,” Walko said. “Like people's grandparents would've drank.”

While Marburger's buttermilk is shipped all over, the farm also produces products that are only distributed locally such as its chocolate milk and egg nog.

“Our chocolate milk is the most popular locally,” Walko said. “You can only get it locally, just in the Pittsburgh area.”

Like the buttermilk, Walko said there is a reason people prefer Marburger's chocolate milk.

“We only use high-quality chocolate,” Walko said. “People I talk to always say it tastes just like a melted chocolate shake.”

Even rarer than the chocolate milk, Marburger makes its egg nog only for a limited time each year.

Marburger vice president Craig Marburger, said the initial batch of egg nog each year is made during the first week of November, and they only make four total batches.

“We start making it in November and usually sell out just after Christmas,” Marburger said. “It's most popular right before Christmas. It's still a good holiday item.”

Like the chocolate milk, Marburger's egg nog is exclusive to Southwest Pennsylvania.

Marburger described it as a “full-flavor item,” a favorite of many for holiday parties and get-togethers.

Marburger Farm Dairy has come a long way since its founding in 1938.

On its first day of operation, the farm produced three quarts of white milk.

Today, Marburger produces thousands of gallons of milk every day.