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The Accurate Solutions team, from left, Dawn Link, Christine Knotick, Curt Knotick, Ethan Iane, Bobbi Bradley & Colleen Rea

Accurate Solutions Group help people plan for independent life in retirement

Preparing for retirement should create excitement, not concern. Yet, for many, that's not necessarily the case.

At Accurate Solutions Group, located in Butler Township, Financial Advisers Curt Knotick and Ethan Lane build a unique “Retirement Blueprint” for each family they serve.

The firm's mission is to help their clients retire with the Confidence, Clarity and Independence they deserve, and their “Retirement Blueprint” process helps them accomplish that mission by addressing five areas that are critical to a successful retirement: Income Planning, Investment Planning, Tax-Efficient Strategies, Health Care Planning and Legacy Planning. Likening retirement planning to building a house, he said fixed sources of income such as Social Security and pensions form the foundation and investments form the walls and roof.

Curt Knotick, a township native who founded the business in 1994 and serves as CEO and adviser, said “Everyone has a unique situation. It takes true individual planning. We will help form a realistic budget for your retirement. We will help you properly time and claim your Social Security benefits or pension. Many firms can manage people's money, but ASG advisers sit with clients to find out how they want to live in retirement and then develop comprehensive retirement plans that allow them to achieve that goal.”

Income planning is the first step in ASG's “Retirement Blueprint” which aims to put people in a position to retire with enough income to last through retirement. The emphasis of a good retirement plan should be preservation and growth of income, he said. Oftentimes, income planning starts with properly timing Social Security: most families' main source of fixed retirement income.

Knotick said, “How you time and claim Social Security can have a dramatic impact on retirement income.”

People who claim their Social Security benefits at age 62 face a 25% reduction in their benefit payments, he said. Conversely, Knotick states that people who delay claiming their benefits until they are beyond their full retirement age receive an 8% increase in their benefits for every year they waited. Drawing income from investments before claiming their benefit retirement is one strategy that can help people delay retirement Social Security to receive increased Social Security benefits.

Investment planning, the next step, involves selecting the investments that allow growth, ward off inflation and limit longevity risks, Knotick said. Investing for retirement is not as simple as just saving money. “You must position investments to produce income for 30-35 years,” Knotick said. “Your income is what gives you your independence in retirement.”

“Investments serve as supplemental income in addition to Social Security and a defined pension benefit plan,” said Knotick, who holds the Series 65 and is registered as an Investment Adviser Representative.

“Our core belief is that retirement is more than just managing investments. It's a different phase of life. It's a phase of life without a paycheck,” Knotick said.

Developing tax efficient strategies is the third step. Knotick said ASG structures investments to minimize tax liability. Making plans to address long-term health care or catastrophic illnesses is part of the fourth step, health care planning.

Once all other areas are addressed, legacy planning is the last step. He said ASG encourages clients to have wills prepared and helps those who don't have one find an attorney to prepare a will.

Curt and Ethan also host a radio show called “Your Retirement Blueprint” where they discuss the five areas of planning which airs weekly on Talk Radio WJAS 1320 Sundays at 10 a.m and WORD FM on Saturdays at 10 a.m.

Knotick and Lane host dinner workshops for the open public where they discuss current topics focusing on retirement planning such as Social Security, Tax Efficient Strategies, and market volatility. Lately, due to Covid-19, they have been hosting different webinar events as well, to make sure people are still able to get the information they need during these times from the comfort of their own homes.

Curt and Ethan, along with the full team at ASG, believe that information is key. So, along with the dinner events open to the public, weekly radio shows and webinars, they also host informational events throughout the year for their clients focusing on healthcare, elder law, estate planning, state of the markets and taxes, to name a few.

Curt and his wife Christine, the firm's Events Coordinator, believe that Accurate Solutions' focus is their clients – relationships matter. That is, what they feel, sets them apart from other firms. This year is an exception due to Covid-19, but ASG holds annual Client Appreciation Events, which allows them to set time aside specifically for their clients to enjoy each other's company. No shop talk. They know their clients put their trust in the team at ASG, , and that is something they do not take for granted.

We have a great team in place at ASG, says Knotick. You have to continue to grow as a company, but we only accept a certain number of clients per year because we don't want to be the next big named firm. We don't want to lose the relationships we are so blessed to have developed with our clients.

Our disclosure:

We are an independent financial services firm helping individuals create retirement strategies using a variety of investment & insurance products to custom suit their needs and objectives. Accurate Solutions Group, LLC does not provide tax or legal advice. Consult with your tax or legal professional prior to making any financial decisions for your personal situation. 

Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal. “Tax-free” generally refers to Roth IRAs and life insurance.

Fee-based financial planning & investment advisory services are offered through  ASG Investment Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm. (Registration  does not imply a certain level of skill or training). Insurance products and services are  offered through Accurate Solutions Group, LLC. ASG Investment Management, LLC  & Accurate Solutions Group, LLC are affiliated companies.